In the name Of God, most gracious, most merciful.

Welcome to my campaign website. The presidential election 2014 offers a unique opportunity to the people of Afghanistan to move the country in a new direction. I am putting forward my candidacy to serve as the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan because I firmly believe that the historic moment has come for us to lay the foundation for a new Afghanistan and become the founding fathers of the nation. I envision Afghanistan as an independent, democratic, tolerant, diverse, harmonious Muslim society, where every individual is guaranteed a dignified life, and which stands tall alongside other counties to fulfill its duty among the community of nations. The task of building this future belongs primarily to the people of Afghanistan. To realize it the people must own the political process and must be persuaded that Government is deserving of their trust, by undertaking its legitimate mandate efficiently and transparently. On my part, I pledge a new form of politics in my undertakings that is based on integrity, impartiality, transparency and efficiency geared towards realization of the people’s desires and our national interests. In this website you can learn about my beliefs, experience and ideas; explore my vision for the country; and see how I would tackle the challenges that face Afghanistan. This is not only a campaign for my election as the future President but one of hope and realization of a desired future for ourselves and our children. This could be only made possible through your generous voluntary support and contribution. Let’s therefore join hands and make that future possible. Dr. Ashraf Ghani.